“Hi honey, I’m home”

So. Back from the annual Museums and the Web conference, having spent a week chewing the e-cud with a bunch of like (and not so like) minded people. Saw lots of interesting talks, but as usual the time spent just hanging out with others is the bit which really gets the juices flowing.

But there was one over-riding thing which was definitely biting everyone: why is it so hard to do things in our (otherwise wonderful) institutions? Lots of feeling that we’re all a bit hobbled by process, frustration that we want and need to do more in order to keep on top of the “new” (-ish) web.

I’m hoping to find some time to formulate some thoughts on this over the next few days. I do feel that if we can find ways of “sandboxing” our development processes and encouraging innovation (which by definition surely means risk-taking, embracing failure, setting our content free, etc etc) then we can get some stuff moving. Fluffy. I need to think more.

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