“it’s entering a crowded market…”

Nice post over on Mashable – Web Startups and the Lying Liars that Lie About Them – 10 “semi-truths” about new sites and the lies blog writers say about them. I particularly like

#6: “it needs more work”. Truth: if there was a state before alpha, pre-alpha, and super pre-alpha, this site would be it.

Maybe we need the same for museum websites…

Anyway. I’ve been working on my “museums are like over-protective parents to their web content” metaphor:

If we force our content to stay at home…

  • yes, we’ll be reassured to know where it is and what it’s doing but it’ll never get a chance to form its own identity
  • we’ll never give it the chance to meet different content and mash it up together in a dank nightclub out there in the big world somewhere.
  • it’ll get fat, complacent and socially inept
  • it’ll continue to think it’s the best content in the world and one day it’ll escape and realise that everyone else stopped wearing Doc Marten’s about 100 years ago
  • instead of earning a crust, it’ll keep eating our food, drinking our pop and generally getting in the way

As (unfortunately) Sting once wrote. “If you love your content….set it free”. Or something.

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