5 Freebase accounts to give away

type “museum”I’ve just got 5 sign-ins for Freebase to give away. It’s currently in alpha and not available to new users but has just sent out invites to all registered users to extend the testing of the service. I wrote a post about the service a while back – it’s a kind of Semantic Webby approach to Wikipedia but also with an API. Kind of.

Anyway. If you want an account, drop me a line in the comments or via email. First come, first served!

Update – sorry, no more invitations left… 

9 thoughts on “5 Freebase accounts to give away”

  1. Hey Mike

    Does this mean that Freebase is no longer sending out invites to those who add their name to the list? I sent them my email address about two months ago and have yet to receive one. How long did you have to wait to receive your invitation?

    If you have any leads on how I might be able to get into this site I’d really appreciate it. I’m working on my M.Phil dissertation at Cambridge (with Robin Boast). It’s focusing on Web 2.0, semantics, museums, and all that good stuff; I was hoping to make Freebase a big part of it. Again, any help you might be able to offer would be wonderful. Thanks a lot!

    Jesse Van Hoy


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