Big things gone, big things to come

Emre Sokullu wrote a great post a few weeks ago on Read/Write web entitled Pivots of the Web where he overviews the stages in development of the internet as we know it today. Interestingly there’s no mention of mobile anywhere in his diagram, although I guess as a channel rather than a “pivot” he may well be assuming that “all of the above” is going to happen on phones too.

Right at the bleeding edge – age #4 – he’s got Joost, one of the  online TV providers. And of course there’s also the “social interactions” bit (find me someone not on Facebook and I’ll find you someone with no mates..) which is still raging strong.

If you’re a diagram person like me, you’ll also like Web Trend Map 2007 – a lovely way of visualising what’s out there now. And of course don’t forget the blogipeligo too…

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