t minus. . .? tech babies

We passed the 37 week barrier (the point at which we’ll be allowed to go to Paulton Hospital instead of the RUH) on Wednesday last week. So that was good. Dan never got as far as 37 weeks – he popped out three weeks early, a couple of hours short of “officially premature”. We always figured that he was just fiddling in the womb – as he has a tendancy to do out here in the real world – and pulled the plug by mistake. It’d be just like him to be poking about – both he and I share a gene for playing about with anything interesting. So there he was, bored, and just pulled the big rip cord.

Anyway. Today we may well be experiencing the beginning stages of labour, apparently. It all has to do with (look away now if you’re squeamish): mucus plugs and shows, about which I don’t want to hear any more, ever, thanks. Anyway, this is new to us – last time, the rip-cord pulling ensured that 3am the day before was the first we knew – none of this slow glide, week long circling approach to the runway of childbirth.

So here I am, just writing a quick post while, er, not much happens. After that, I’m off out into the garden to finish wiring up the network to my dad-shed, popping back to the house every so often to see if anything has changed. We could be all finished by this time tomorrow, or hanging around for another month. Who knows.

All this tech together with all this baby stuff brings to mind a question I’ve been pondering: could I live-blog the arrival of my second child? I’m sure I could work out a network connection in the hospital, maybe a webcam? I mean, if techies can do it at conferences, surely I could…? No? Maybe you’re right…

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