Launchball update: back up!

Launchball Dugg

UPDATE 08/10/07: Launchball went live again on Friday 5th Oct..  

Well, I had a suspicion that Launchball might turn out to be pretty successful…

Unfortunately the guys at the Science Museum tell me that having struggled all day trying to get it to stay live they’ve had to temporarily remove it following a huge response from users which took the main site down for most of the day.

Launchball will be back. Meanwhile, here are some facts (cue bad lift musak):

As at four days since live:

> The main Launchball page has had over 37,000 page views
> Average play time 5:07 (although this will have been skewed by the down-time..)
> The story has had 563 Diggs as of 9.20 am this morning (27th Sept) update: now 680 (9.25 pm GMT)
> This blog, (as one of not many sources for the word “launchball”) has seen a 600% increase in traffic over the last 2 days (all incoming from google keyword searches – probably folks looking for a mirror for the downed site…)
> The Launchball url has been saved 133 times on

Enough. Here’s hoping it’s back soon…

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