FOWA day one: day end thoughts

A quick ‘end of the day’ post just to gather some thoughts together…

It’s interesting that the response to FOWA is the same for me this year as it was last. I’m glad I’m here, but it’s a reaffirming of what (I think) we all know already. I haven’t come away full of new ideas and insights (which is possibly what you’d hope from a conference titled ‘Future of Web Apps’), but I have been reassured that my thinking and knowledge is up to date and aligned with the leaders in the field.

The recurring messages (and these were much the same as last year):

– iterate often
– focus on single points of pain
– know your audience
– be honest and transparent when things go wrong
– don’t seek perfection

The only final thing to say before I go do some more geek mingling is that most of these people are REALLY TERRIBLE at giving presentations. I know geeks don’t traditionally have a huge range of social skills, but still. ..these are basic things: don’t rely on a network connection, know your audience (ironic, that), make sure you talk to time, don’t mumble…It’s presentation skills level 1…

Enough moaning. More tomorrow.

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