Future of Web Apps Day 2 Afternoon Session 2

It’s Eric Rodenbeck from an agency called Stamen next, talking about visualising data..

Visualisation isn’t a technology but a medium. Stamen are concerned with how these visualisations can affect emotions.

He’s showing a slide of colours for voting in the last US elections and demonstrating how this can be broken down into more detail, or distorted to display in different ways.

Percentage of chart which resembles pacman (boingboing) http://www.boingboing.net/2006/11/02/hilarious-piechartvi.html

See cabspotting.org interactive which shows cabs in SF. Lovely ways of mapping these by speed and location.

Oakland crime: interactive which takes something which was originally just searchable and makes it explorable instead.

Built using modestmaps.com

Digg Labs: visualisation of stories. Also see Stack, Swarm, Big Spy and Ark, sponsored by intel…

Twitter Blocks takes twitter data and puts it into 3d.

Real Estate Flow: Trulia data showing real estate data over time.

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