Future of Web Apps Day 2 Morning Session 2

Next up is Leah Culver from Pownce talking on web apps do and don’t. They are using S3 for storage. Also AIR..

Here’s the tips:

Do a lot with a little…if you have a small team then wear many shoes: do lots of things around the team.

Use open source tools. The expertise out there will always be bigger and better then what you can provide. Use it.

Network, both on and offline. Share knowledge where you can.

Be kind to your database…cache where you can, both at db and at page level. Cache static pages..use queuing. Use limits and pagination: not only do you not want this on page from a usability pov, it’s also a performance hit. Avoid complication- check if you really really need to do X.

Expect anything. You probably will have down time so have backups and version control.

Keep lots of data: stats, quantitative measures, logs. You’ll be glad of it later.

Keep in touch with your community – let users know what you’re doing and when.

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