Future of Web Apps Day 2 Morning Session 3

Next up is Dave Morin who’ll hopefully be saying something interesting about Facebook Platform…

43 million active users, doubling every month. Very international – half users outside the US. 50% of users return daily.

Social Graph: about sharing as much information as you can with as many ppl as you can.

Photos: more traffic than all the other photo sharing apps out there. Ditto events, which plugs straight into the social graph.

Use Facebook scripting and markup languages to build facebook apps.

Provides a way to spread use of facebook applications through the social graph.

Growth, engagement and monetization is main path for all web apps. Facebook claims that they step over the first two phases and into the third as quickly as possibl.

More than 5000 applications on facebook already in only 3 months. 90000 developers in Facebook community. Over 80% of users have added one or more than one Facebook application.

Some guy just asked the question I wanted to ask, about opening the social graph on Facebook. He pretty much sidestepped the question, which is annoying, as I suspect it’s a question on many people’s minds. When is Facebook going to open up their data as an external API? It’s interesting that Morin is using the privacy conversation as a way of closing down this discussion. I guess it’s an important point, but I’d still like to see a bit more transparency on this.

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