O is the new R

If you’re mired in confusion over the entire open standards debate – and frankly, it’s easy to get buried under the reams of material – then go check out dataportability.org. It’s refreshingly simple, with a list of the current range of projects and standards under the “portable data” umbrella, links to the relevant Wikipedia entry and a list of fairly impressive heavy-hitters who support the initiative. These people include Mr Scoble (who just got booted from Facebook) and a couple of others you’ll probably have heard of.

I can feel a move away from all things “R” (FlickR, TumblR, MuseumR..) to all things “O”: OAuth, OpenID, OPML. Granted, the “O’s” mean different stuff, but why let that bother us…

Anyone bought OMuseum.com yet?

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