Museums and the Web – Tuesday

So here I am in Montreal for Museums and the Web 2008. The journey was ok apart from the obligatory 2 hour delay out of Heathrow. Someone apparently spotted a snowflake on the runway so everything ground to a halt while they dispatched the emergency extreme weather squad to sort it out.

They know how to do weather over here. It’s obviously not snowed for a while but there are still remnant piles, 6-7 feet thick just knocking around the town. Show that to anyone in the UK and the transport infrastructure would have fallen apart in seconds.

So – this week at Museums and the Web: Today – pre conference Semantic Web workshop. Wednesday, I’m running a blogging workshop with Brian Kelly in which I’ll be talking about this blog: why I do it, how it’s going, what I’ve learnt. The afternoon is my workshop on mashups. Slides and stuff for all the above coming shortly.

Then Thursday the conference sessions start. Friday and I’m back in front of people with Brian for our paper ‘what does openness mean to museums?’.

Meanwhile, I’ve provided Jennifer and David with OneTag for the week – the aim in a nutshell is to try and capture the ‘buzz’ around the conference by aggregating any blog posts and tweets tagged ‘mw2008’ and do stuff with this content. J + D have found a bunch of willing volunteers to blog alongside the people like me who’d be doing it anyway. Basically, everyone is being encouraged to tag and post as much as possible.

Have a look at:

More later.

3 thoughts on “Museums and the Web – Tuesday”

  1. I’ve subscribed to the onetag rss feed – look forward to experiencing it in action.
    I’m sure it’ll raise lots of questions, thoughts, issues etc. Look forward to discussing!
    Enjoy the conference.

  2. Hey Mike, thanks for the update. Please continue to keep us “couldn’t make its” on what’s happening over there.

    Sounds like (from the tweets) that the ‘Semantic Web’ workshop was a bit anti-SW, in the ‘traditional’ sense (which isn’t a bad thing). Would love to hear a bit more detail on that.

  3. Mike just tried the plasma screen feed form here and got the following error message

    msxml4.dll error ‘80072ee2’

    The operation timed out

    /ot/display/slideshow1/index.asp, line 39


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