Happy Birthday, Electronic Museum…


12th April 2008 was the Electronic Museum’s 1st birthday. All together now, hip-hip…etc.

I started blogging at the beginning of the Museums and the Web conference on April 12th 2007. Even then I was seriously late into the game: many other bloggers have been posting since 2000 or even earlier. I’d held off for 3 main reasons:

First, if you haven’t blogged then you don’t understand the drug that it is. I started never really intending to continue, but sucked the smoke deep and never looked back.

Second, I genuinely felt (and still feel!) that there are issues within the tech and museum sectors that need attention: in other words, I have something to say. Hopefully you agree…

Finally, I spent at least a year being put off by the technology. Like many first bloggers I began with Blogger.com. Back then (and I haven’t looked recently), it was a clumsy tool; basic functionality (actually, I have to say, blocking technology), bad templates, etc. I dabbled with TypePad (ouch, unless you’ve got a degree in CompSci) and then finally settled on WordPress. It is a genius bit of user-centredness and like many great bits of tech, actually encourages you to step in and use it.

In case you’re interested and are a bit of a stat-head: just the other day I passed the 20,000 views mark; I have written 135 posts which have gathered 307 comments. Scarily, I’ve had more rogue comments caught by Akismet than visits: currently 22,263.

So. Just remains for me to say thank you for reading and commenting. Please keep doing so, and feel free to let me know whether there’s stuff you’d like me to focus on (or not focus on). It’ll be interesting to see what the coming year brings 🙂

(Thanks to diongillard for the image)

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