A barcamp in Bath? Bathcamp, obviously.

here? maybeNothing quite like leaping in and doing something before sorting out any of the details, but I’m hoping to organise a barcamp type moment in the Bath vicinity sometime during summer 2008.

I’m actually possibly the worst person to do anything with such enormous logistical overhead, but as long as I remain confident, calm and don’t tell anyone that I don’t know what I’m doing, then everything will turn out ok. I also have a very fine set of people who are up for helping, including my wife, who loves this sort of thing.


What: some kind of barcamp event;
Bath or very close nearby
A Saturday (+night) sometime late summer 2008

If I’ve managed to pique your interest enough with this genius bit of marketing that tells you neither what, when nor where exactly then please head over to http://bathcamp.org and register your details. I’ve also added an entry to the barcamp wiki at http://barcamp.pbwiki.com/BarCampBath.

Once I’ve got some measure of the numbers I’ll start refining dates, venues and content – sorry! structure 🙂

Look forward to hearing from you!

10 thoughts on “A barcamp in Bath? Bathcamp, obviously.”

  1. It’d be nice if you could put something on the BarCamp wiki just so that everyone can see what’s going on. It’s also a nice, public, permalink.

    Also, you’re not supposed to be refining the content, that’s the point 😉

  2. Hi Mike,

    I’ve signed up on the Bathcamp site, but just wanted to echo Phil’s sentiment that getting the event listed on Barcamp.org would be A Good Thing.

    I helped plan last October’s Barcamp Bristol 1, with Laura and Alex Francis. We found Crystal Williams’ Ten Steps to Organize a Barcamp helpful:

    Also bear in mind that several of us have been talking about running Barcamp Bristol 2 sometime in the summer months, so it would be good to liaise and make sure we’re not too close, date-wise.

    That said, I live in Bath but work in Bristol so would find it easier to attend Bathcamp than the Bristol one.

    Oh, and Phil’s right: you don’t refine the content, you see what happens 🙂

  3. @Phil @Tim – absolutely, the wiki was next on my list but I’d had too much wine last night to do it 🙂 – re content, of course, I am just wanting to hone the format a bit, not the content..

    Bare bones wiki-tasticness is at https://barcamp.pbwiki.com/BarCampBath

    @Tim good to know, will contact you – I have already emailed Laura but not heard anything yet. I’ll drop you an email or tweet and we could use it as an excuse to have a pint…

    Cheers both for your input.

  4. Would love to attend and meetup with fellow Bath Geeks! unfortunatly I’ll be in India travelling and reconnecting with Earth 2.0! Have a good one…


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