BathCamp update

As I mentioned in an earlier post, because I haven’t got enough on outside of work (OneTag+, various blogs, a novel, music composing, Stufflinker, museum mashup day, 2 kids) – and really need to fill that 25th and 26th hours of the day – I’m working with a bunch of people to put together a Bar Camp in Bath (BathCamp…!) later this summer.

Frankie, Mia and I thought it up while we were at Museums and the Web after 400 pints of Rickard’s Red and a plate of finest poutine, and have been shaping it since then.

It was all seeming a bit overwhelming, and I’m not the first person I’d call on to organise anything, but luckily I met a fine geezer called Tim Beadle (who does tech stuff in Bristol) and a fine geezerette called Laura Francis (who does tech stuff in Bath), both of whom were involved in setting up a Bristol Bar Camp last year. We’ve agreed it’d be sensible to combine the two events and bring Bristol Bar Camp to Bath this summer.

Anyway (Get to the point, man!): Tim Beadle and I have booked a venue and date for this summers’ BathCamp. It’ll be from Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th September 2008 at Invention Studios in Bath. Further details including Upcoming link, map, Flickr shots etc are on the BathCamp blog over here. I’ll drop the occasional post on the Electronic Museum site, but if you want to watch progress, the BathCamp blog is the thing to subscribe to.

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