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Most of you will probably have seen this already, but I’m running another museum mashup day in Leicester on 18th June 2008, the day before the annual UK Museums on the Web conference. It’ll be a developer/techie focussed day working with various bits of museum data to see what we can mash together in just one day.

We’re having to be very strict with the number of people allowed and the list is starting to look pretty full…but if you’re up for it, visit to find out more, or jump straight to the “I’m interested” form.

On a related note, I knocked out a quick application (the “ collector”) over the weekend based on data from the application which Dan and I unveiled last week. It’s a terribly quick (read: a bit flaky) prototype which lets you “collect” museum object records and then share them so others can see what you’ve saved. Think Listmania but for museum stuff. The main purpose? Not to build something that’s never been done before, but (as ever) to demonstrate that it is possible to do interesting stuff without funding, the usual museum treaclewading or worrying too much about perfection. I’ll hone and polish the idea as time goes on – any ideas, stick ’em in the comments…

Dan and I are planning for the data to be made available for the Mashed Museum day, but if you fancy a play before that, or can’t come along, you can read the documentation, do some building, and then let me or Dan know so we can chuck something in the application gallery.

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  1. Just to say, I’ve put some thoughts about screen-scraping and intentionally embedded semantics (POSH), and what I see as the pros and cons of each, here:
    The post sort of plays against my experiment with a pseudo-microformat, not in opposition but to explore where the two approaches are strong or otherwise. Obviously there’s not actually an opposition, but there are certainly differences in what they require and what they enable.


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