It’s one thing to have ideas, it’s another to know how to best market them 🙂 But yes, clients/stakeholders usually know what they want, and are dogged about making sure it is implemented the way they want, rather than making sure it provides the best path for the end results desired.

Museum and cultural sites would all benefit from this heightened esteem effect from Google. It’s one thing to benefit from vast amounts of unique content that fits into a niche or two, but at the same time, to appeal to a wider audience, the mainstream content that competes heavily with other sites and retail sites should be well optimized for sure.

I like your point about getting outsiders in for a fresh perspective. I suppose this is why the IT and marketing dept are sent to respective conferences, but as you say its one thing to pay lip service, it is another thing to do.

To my mind, collections need to be inviting and portrayed in a mouth watering way and many sites I have seen just don’t do that =(

Best, Vincent =