Museum in a day


I’m delighted to announce the beginning of what I hope will be an exciting (and useful!) mini-project.

Museuminaday is a concept which Dan Zambonini and I have come up with to support our workshop “The Lightweight Museum” at the DISH conference in December.

Hopefully the name should do most of the work in explaining what museuminaday is about: we intend to build a museum website in 12 hours, start to finish, documenting the techniques we use and the things we discover along the way.

Most of the work will happen during a single day (2nd November 2009 – and we’ll be filming and live-blogging on that day) but we’re also documenting everything we do before then and taking time off our 12 hour deadline as we go. You can see our public Google Spreadsheet which outlines everything we’ve spent time and money on to-date.

We hope we’re going to succeed, but we’re more than ready to fail, too – either way we hope that we’ll bring something useful to the table.

You can read more about the project on the about page – or just follow us on Twitter at @museuminaday. Comments, suggestions, ideas – more than welcome!

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