Back into it

So I’ve been mulling a renaissance in the form of writing some stuff again. And then I went down a long rabbit hole where I was thinking – man, static stuff is all the rage and maybe I should redo my site in some JAMSTACK bollocks, and “what do I want this thing to be” and other thoughts – but then (as part of my renaissance I guess) I also looked at Feedly and saw this:

At this point I thought these things:

  1. “‘Inactive’? How dare you ? And with the Zzzzzs as well. SO rude.
  2. “131 followers? Ooo”

Now of course “inactive” is abso-fucking-lutely right. I last posted on here in May 2018, which is about as inactive as you can get without being dead. So I’ll forgive you, Feedly, for that.

131 followers though? I had assumed that there is probably only Pete and David (hi both?) who might just possibly see anything I wrote on here, and this may still be the case, or maybe those two diehards have decided they’ve got better things to do now, too. I could be the only person in the history of people who has decided to get back into their feed reader. Who knows?

Anyway, some context: I’m in the habit of giving things up and the latest thing on my hit list was Twitter, which I last posted to in May 2020:

At some point I will go into why, but broadly something like it sucks / it makes me a terrible person / I hate what it does to opinion polarisation / I only needed reminding so many times how much Trump is a c**t / it’s a terrible timesink / etc.

Net result: now I have literally and absolutely nothing. No Facebook, no ‘gram, no Twitter, no TikTok, no oh I dunno, any of it.

But: I still find myself wanting to write and sometimes rant, and maybe post some pictures and things – so anyway, this is a very long way of saying I’m going to try writing on here a bit more, just for the hell of it. Without any way of promoting it (apart from my 131 followers), who knows if anyone will read it, but to paraphrase my friend Oli – might as well do some howling at the moon while I can.

8 thoughts on “Back into it”

  1. Good for you! Look forward to a rant, or even some insight! Am I the David? If so, yes I still use Feedly Like you Fb is nearly gone; twitter I’ve just started looking at Notifications (from friends) again and using another ID for tweeting to “close” friends; ‘gram I can’t see the point of but I do blog – currently four active sites and a family website as well. It keeps my mind ticking over. Cheers.

    • You are The David – and hello, glad to see you’re still doing lots, I shall follow you forthwith. In a feed way, not in a spooky stalker type way…

  2. Hah, so ironic meta comment. I was…well I was on Twitter and pissed off at it and I thought…hang on…I wonder if Feedly is still on this iPad, maybe I could read some stuff that isn’t 280 characters of weapons-grade doodoo.

    And there amongst the few things that still have an RSS feed was this post, so I will out myself as one of the 131, but also just as disconnected and randomly happenstancing back into RSS like its 2010 again…don’t ask when I last posted to my website is all…

    • Hey, really nice to hear from you – hope you and yours are well / surviving?

      I believe we’ll find out that actually RSS is The Future. All over again. 🙂


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