digg dugg, er, doggedly (sorry)

Sorry about that title. Couldn’t resist it. And yes, I sat here for a while trying hard to think of some more words but failed. Anyway. Fascinating things going on over at Digg – probably more than fascinating; I’d guess we’ll look back and say groundbreaking, however it turns out. Basically, someone on the Digg … Read more

flickr, rss, that kind of thing

I almost forgot: I slipped a couple of things onto the new Science Museum website which people might be interested in – links to the Science Museum Flickr Pool – some *fabulous* images taken by the public on here. Also, we went live with a couple more RSS feeds which you can read about on … Read more

museum backstage

There’s a great post on innovation which I just found on my latest favourite museum blog, Museum 2.0. Seb Chan joins in the debate in the comments – essentially the same stuff which I started to touch on on my earlier post, only this time the question is about the dislocation between a (conservative) institution … Read more


Just spotted collectionX – a kind of collaborative, “upload some media, create an exhibition” type virtual space. Interesting, especially considering an idea that DanZ and I are working on… Keep watching…

No such thing as a free API

Nat Torkington (!) removes some of the romance around free API’s over on O’Reilly Radar, and he’s got a point. I guess this is particularly – mostly – pertinent for businesses whose core offering is based on decentralised content, rather than for those (such as museums) who might want to share data as part of … Read more

Fostering innovation

I’ve been thinking a lot about innovation since the Mweb conference. In fact, now I focus on it as a concept, I think I’ve been thinking about what it means and how you do it for considerably longer – probably since I started dabbling in this whole technology thing. A lot has been written about … Read more

“utter overload of the allegedly groovy”

I stole the title (and actually the reason) for this post from a colleague who works with me at the Science Museum. He pointed out this Amazon page while we were chatting on gtalk. Check it out. Absolutely extraordinary, total, utter overload of, well, stuff. I don’t know if this is Amazon running some kind … Read more

New Science Museum website

I’m slightly embarrassed it’s taken me a month to get around to mentioning the launch of the beautiful new Science Museum website over on the Science Museum Dev blog, but I guess that says a lot about how much work there still is to do even when you get to the end of a long … Read more

The Machine is Us/ing Us, explained

Remember the Web2.0 video that went mainstream a while back – The Machine is us/ing us – a beautifully put together explanation of what it’s all about? Well apparently the guy who put it together – Professor Walsh (a cultural anthropologist, apparently..) was at the Web2.0 Expo, and explained the background to the video. It’s … Read more

Physical world connection

Here’s a question. Has anyone done anything in the museum context with 2d barcodes, semacodes, phone barcode readers…? Nokia is piloting some stuff which is going to help the momentum – barcode readers are now standard on a few of their N series phones. Also Microsoft is sniffing around too. At one point there was … Read more