3 months

In February we saw a huge pile of work on the horizon and heading towards us. If you work or have worked for non-profits you’ll know what it’s all about: lots of stashes of budget secreted around the country’s museums, councils, universities.. and then a last minute HOLY FUCK, WE NEED TO SPEND THIS SHIT … Read more

A bit less mobile

The logistical savings that are provided by mobiles are obviously astonishing. My mum and her generation still can’t cope with the fact that we can arrange to meet then and NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHERE AND WHEN. As I headed out recently to an interview with a potential client I was grateful as I always am … Read more

Being older

So today, 26th October 2012, I apparently turn 40. Forty seems – and frankly is (especially to my twenty-something friends) – pretty old. My mum has a habit of saying to me – every year – “[insert age here] – it’s a good age to be”. And although I take the piss out of her whenever … Read more

Is this simple?

The first and most obvious thing to think about is the logistics. Hard logistics make one immediately think that things aren’t simple. In fact, I think this is bollocks..but more on this in a moment.. Getting around is the fabric of daily life, whether heading on a commute, buying supplies or taking the kids swimming … Read more


The thing I decided at the time I started writing – maybe 5 years ago – was that I wanted to take a long time to do it, maybe a decade or so, and try and do something which fitted with my life rather than shoe-horning it in and not enjoying the process of writing. … Read more

This place

In short: we’re about ten miles north of Bude on the North Devon coast. The house is just outside a small but surprisingly sprawling village called Welcombe. Working out where the village centre is is challenging, but it’s probably safe to say it’s the pub – the increasingly excellent Old Smithy. I say “increasingly excellent” because the … Read more

So….er, what the fuck?

This is a good question. Right now as the sun shines and I’m sitting in a snug, warm and rather lovely room on a Saturday morning looking out at some nature, it’s rather easy to answer. When it’s January, we’re all cold and damp and haven’t seen the sun for several months, the answer might … Read more