WordPress culture hackday, anyone?

A long and interesting thread on the MCG list prompted a thought – how about a WordPress hack-and-knowledge-sharing-kinda-day for culture?

We could talk about stuff like:

  • best approaches and favourite plugins
  • ways to hook into existing systems like Omeka
  • building some simple plugins to interface with CH open data
  • building some simple plugins to interface with other CH systems (collections management, library systems, etc)
  • how to deploy, move and scale sites

Dunno – I’m making this up as I go along. But if you’re interested in this totally vague proposal, chuck your name and thoughts into this form * and we’ll see if it goes anywhere.

(* If you’re in one of those¬†institutions¬†who have a short-sighted IT department that doesn’t let you look at the whole internet, just add your thoughts in a comment on this post….)