I’m Mike Ellis.

This site is a place for personal ramblings – you may well be looking for my company website over at Thirty8 Digital or maybe even my newest business, The Museum Platform (I am SERIAL ENTREPRENEURZ!) if you need the saner, more employable, more useful me.

Me? I seem to have spent nearly 20 years fiddling about with the web, mainly on the content and strategic side of things, but occasionally delving into some code in order to remind myself I can still break things.

Along the way, I’ve done things like: …worked for Waterstone’s Online and The Science Museumhad a book with an unfeasibly long title publishedorganised various tech events…spoken at lots of conferences…started (and stalled) writing another book…tutored some MA studentshad some kidsrun away to Cornwall……started a business (two three, actually, but let’s forget about the first one, it was a bit random)…and written a few tunes both on my own and with my band.

..Oh, and I had a cider. Just one. Ok, maybe two. Ten. ish.

This thing? Well, I kinda rolled in my old electronic museum blog and my not-often-updated dadtwo blog, mixed in some miscellaneous rubbish, sprinkled in my old simplify blog and every so often get around to writing a new post. Please feel free to have a poke about.

Latest post…

  • The hilarity of the “free-speechers”
    Like most sane people, I’m concerned with issues around freedom of speech, so I was interested to see recent discussions about Trump and Twitter, the removal of Parler from All The Places and the end of Voat. With each of these – and yes, I’ve also just listened to the hilarious James O’Brien / Piers Morgan interview (mellow at first and then… hots up…) – you get the old Morgan tropes coming out: “political correctness gone mad” or “groups are being … Read more