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ChatGPT and Those Awful Tasks…

I’ve spent quite a lot of time playing with ChatGPT now, and like many people are trying to get to grips with what it means to have a tool which can approximate some sort of creative response when asked to write a poem or develop a piece of prose or whatever. The conversation here is … Read more

A conversation with Bard

I know, it’s all about AI at the moment. I’m sorry. I’m a little obsessed… Anyway – I got access to https://bard.google.com the other day, so thought I’d shoot it some questions: What do you think of the current AI race? I think the current AI race is a complex and multifaceted issue. On the … Read more

I know it’s “just” a language model, but…

I’ve been starting to fiddle with ChatGPT a bit more recently, just to see what it can do, and where it fails. Today I had 20 minutes spare – so I asked ChatGPT to make me a Nike logo using SVG. It gave me this: …it’s pretty confident about what it’s created there – so … Read more