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What happened to the telephone?

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomena in These Strange Times. I might be late to the party in noticing this, but hey, fuck it, shoot me. Whereas it’s obvious to all concerned – and there has been much written about this – that we’re all spending forever on Zoom calls, this one is everso slightly not … Read more

This place

In short: we’re about ten miles north of Bude on the North Devon coast. The house is just outside a small but surprisingly sprawling village called Welcombe. Working out where the village centre is is challenging, but it’s probably safe to say it’s the pub – the increasingly excellent Old Smithy. I say “increasingly excellent” because the … Read more

So….er, what the fuck?

This is a good question. Right now as the sun shines and I’m sitting in a snug, warm and rather lovely room on a Saturday morning looking out at some nature, it’s rather easy to answer. When it’s January, we’re all cold and damp and haven’t seen the sun for several months, the answer might … Read more