“utter overload of the allegedly groovy”

I stole the title (and actually the reason) for this post from a colleague who works with me at the Science Museum. He pointed out this Amazon page while we were chatting on gtalk. Check it out. Absolutely extraordinary, total, utter overload of, well, stuff.

I don’t know if this is Amazon running some kind of competition to see how much social material they can fit on one page, or a sandbox area which they hope no-one would ever happen across. Either way, it’s an extraordinarily chaotic and totally bewildering experience which would run to eleven pages if you tried to print it out.

From top to bottom (and my fingers started bleeding about halfway down so this may be incomplete..):

  • tags
  • voting
  • see also..
  • editorial reviews
  • a completely bizarre and apparently unconnected collection of images and, possibly, blog posts
  • first sentence, first page
  • “SIP’s” – statistically improbably phrases
  • “CAP’s” – capitalised phrases
  • related topics, concordance, text stats… (?)
  • citations
  • percentage figures for what book people ultimately go on to buy
  • search suggestions
  • more tags
  • various reviews
  • product forum
  • listmania
  • “so you’d like to”
  • items by category
  • items by subject
  • a feedback box


…now, where’s the damn price….?

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