Holiday…and no tech

Holiday. Hurrah.I’m off on holiday tomorrow. Just, er, popping down to the country retreat for a couple of weeks, dahling…

Only thing is, the place hasn’t got broadband – in fact it’s got little tech at all (no TV – hurrah!) (no mobile coverage – double hurrah!), which is in many ways a complete relief.

In other ways I’ll be like a crackhead derived of his fix.

No Netvibes, no, no TechCrunch (even if it does look crap), no Facebook (joky attitude starts to fade), no BoingBoing, no Google, no Upcoming, no gmail, no mashing, no….BLOG….

Right, sod this, I’m staying home.

Actually, it’s not as dark as all that. Two upsides:

1. I’m going to sneak in my laptop when my wife isn’t looking and see how far I can get with Ruby in the course of two weeks. If you believe the hype about how cool it is, you can probably assume I’ll have been bought out by Google by the time I get back.

2. There’s always the mobile web. Right…? Right…?

See you.

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