FOWA day 1 morning session

This is all going to be a little bit stream of consciousness but I’ll clean it up later…

Om malik and Ryan Carson are talking about the future of web apps. Michael Arrington is stuck somewhere. Oop, no – he’s just arrived on stage…

TechCrunch 40 is getting a lot of interest and the general question being asked is ‘what works’.

Mike A talks about the models for charging. Can you offer apps for free and somehow still make money? The other big question is about music, especially given current backlash against drm.

Amie Street is a good model where price is determined by popularity. More expensive is essentially ‘better’. It’s a disruptive model.

What is bad? Attacking a space which is already saturated. Business models should be as disruptive or as different as possible.

Have a single offering which solves some pain. Don’t do too much.

Fwb application in Facebook – Om talking about this being one of the only original good facebook apps.

Google in the social graph. Have they been beaten by facebook.

Mike A – facebook is not the end of the social network story.

Om – don’t put all you eggs into the facebook basket. Portable social apps are the road ahead. Facebook pushing in right direction.

Om – Enterprise widgets, or Enterprise in general is the place to focus on.

Mike A – mobile email, but mobile in general. Also vr in gaming or where you use body to control computer.


10 web apps in 10 minutes – adobe.

Sliderocket – ppt online
Piknik image editing
Mtv Video remixer
Buzzword word processor
Finetune web radio station, built using AIR
Ebay as desktop app
Adobe media player built in AIR
Pownce air application
Google analytics on desktop

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