Strictly no photography

oi. no photos.There’s something deliciously lovely about the voyeurism presented on Strictly No Photography, a community photography site:

…for photographs taken where you are not allowed to take them. From the inside of the Kremlin to Kensington palace, from art galleries to war zones. Here you can see everything you’ve ever wanted to see that you’re not supposed to. There are pictures that range from the ordinary to the profound. Whatever the content or the quality though we think that each one stands as a little piece of art in itself, as a little expression of personal liberty.

There are a whole range of categories, from art galleries to museums, from Government to Royalty.

Whatever your take on the ethics of preservation, it’s deeply compelling – probably as good for the people taking the photos as for those consuming them. It reminds me of the Urban Exploration Forum and some of the pics of people doing illegal things.


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