New tune – Flight

After I discovered that the amazing Vector Lovers used a piece of iOS software called NanoStudio to write an entire (very awesome) album – iPhonica – I obviously had to download it and have a play.

My first public outing – as usual for me a non-finished work in progress – is below and GOT A POSITIVE COMMENT BY VECTOR LOVERS – deeply chuffed about that:

At £9.99, NanoStudio is a bit of a spend but I have to say it’s easily the best sequencing software I’ve ever used on a mobile device – a lovely combination of powerful and easy to use. I now use it all the time on my iPad mini to throw down ideas when I’m out and about. Interestingly, it turns out that Blip Interactive – the software studio that developed the app – are based in Bradford on Avon so I’ve been in touch with them about talking at a BathCamp in the future…

Anyway. This particular number was written by the poolside while on holiday and then honed on an Easyjet flight back to the UK 🙂