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New tune – Seascape

Inspired by the beautiful flat seas round here at the moment. Written and produced on the amazing NanoStudio.

New tune – Birmingham

I’m pleased with this one – it’s a nice mellow sequence and thanks to a re-share by the awesome ASIP, my most played on Soundcloud by a long, long margin…

New tune – Flight

After I discovered that the amazing Vector Lovers used a piece of iOS software called NanoStudio to write an entire (very awesome) album – iPhonica – I obviously had to download it and have a play. My first public outing – as usual for me a non-finished work in progress – is below and GOT … Read more

Latest tune…

I knocked out a quick tune last night.. As always the disclaimer is: “it ain’t finished yet”; subtext: “…and probably won’t ever be…” Things I like: the offbeat squirches when the kick and snare comes in; the dropped echoey electric piano; the slightly conflicting wash behind the back and the way that it comes to … Read more