#1 Live from Mashed Museum

Well, we’ve started..

First roomEveryone found the building which was a good start…and Ross bought a bunch of sweets, which is also proving a boon. Top dollar organisational skills from the man – we’ve decamped upstairs to where there’s a stronger wifi signal and all seems to be groovy. We’re even spoilt with 2 machines each…almost like real web developers. We just need to adopt some bad personal hygiene, get fat and eat pizza and we’ll be there..

Cliches aside, it’s been an interesting morning – we looked quickly at a few examples outRoom 2 there on the web. I particularly liked Michael Twidale’s experiment which takes geodata from radio stations and plots them on a route of your choice. Another great one is Carl Hogsden’s Google maps mashup on the 1934 Wordie Arctic Expedition website. He’s taken whole routes and plotted them on a map – this works really nicely with the content on-page. Would be nice to get a KML dump out of here for Google Earth – we also suggested that it might be interesting to map user comments with locations on the map…

Following some time looking at the services I’ve put together based on Ingenious, we got down to business and started planning the afternoon…more later!

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