t minus. . .unknown: sneaky earplugs

I’m sitting in a room surrounded by nothing. The erstwhile terribly comforting clutter which used to fill my office has now been tidied, thrown out, “re-distributed” or otherwise hidden. I’m a man in the middle of a mass-migration: me into the shed, my son into the (biggest, but I’m not bitter, really) room in the … Read more

t minus…unknown : stupid cruelty

You know, this was never meant to be a space where I banged on about how best to bring up kids. Yet here I am, post #2, and I’m about to rant. I was sitting upstairs in my office just now when my ears started pulsating with the sound of what sounded like a murder … Read more

t minus…unknown : Cricket, war and babies

I’ve always been of the opinion that cricket is very similar to war. Having not done a huge amount of either one, I’m probably not best placed to comment but it always seemed to me that with both you’re either incredibly, terribly bored or absolutely shitting yourself because something fast and heavy is likely to … Read more