Kids own too many gadgets

I’ve been resisting writing this, as I know it’ll get up some people’s noses. I know there’s a danger I’ll come across as fairly sanctimonious – and definitely an Old Victorian Arse. But you know, along with getting a bit older is a certain dontgiveashitness, so here goes. My contention is this: things have gone badly … Read more

Childproofing relationships

So this piece: Who comes first, your partner or your kids? [edit: original link broken, WayBack link here] did the rounds yesterday. Go read it if you haven’t then come back… I was struck by the negative comments to the piece – and also the fact that people clearly seem to think this is an OUTRAGEOUS … Read more

Real men

I had an idea for a thing – but I don’t know if it’s an event thing or a blog thing or a gathering thing or just a thing thing, or maybe not even a thing at all. Also, I’m in Devon in order to do less developing of things, so maybe it’s just a … Read more

A weekend in hospital

Hospitals are funny places. Definely funny weird, rather than funny ha-ha. Now I’m in my mid-thirties (I know it’s hard to believe with my youthful good looks…) I, like most people, have been in a few. Sometimes – say at the arrival of a child, it’s a happy time. Sometimes it’s just plain sad, when … Read more

a momentous occasion

Wednesday marked a huge and momentous occasion in the life our son, Rohan: he turned 8 weeks old. Why is this important? Because he has learnt how to speak/walk/eat on his own? No. Because he can now fend for himself? No. Because he has started sleeping through? No (although he’s getting pretty good at the … Read more

t plus 10: I have omphalophobia!

Until about 5 minutes ago I thought I was alone with my particular fear. Now with a bit of random surfing on the infosuperhighweb I’ve discovered that not only are there apparently loads of people out there with the same fear, but it’s got a name, too: omphalophobia. Yes, it’s a fear of belly buttons. … Read more

t plus 4: sleep? over-rated.

The yoof has been home two nights now (and a couple of days too, apparently, although it’s a bit of a blur) and I’m being reminded of what it means to not get a good nights’ sleep. I have to say that it’s a load better it being summer time: Dan was born mid-December so … Read more

t plus 2: a houseful of boys!

Holy shit! Tuesday night at 11.18 pm after I dunno how many hours of labour, my amazing and lovely wife produced a beautiful little boy….! Rohan Alexander was born the right way up and with Rach on just gas and air; no epidurals, Ventouse, or machines that go ping. (Really) short version of labour: 7am: … Read more

t minus. . .? tech babies

We passed the 37 week barrier (the point at which we’ll be allowed to go to Paulton Hospital instead of the RUH) on Wednesday last week. So that was good. Dan never got as far as 37 weeks – he popped out three weeks early, a couple of hours short of “officially premature”. We always … Read more

t minus. . .keep calm

7.30am: Came downstairs to find that my other half was in the front room on all fours. “Alright, Rach?” “Yes darling. Just some mild back pain.” “…’normal back pain’ or ‘coming and going’ kind of back pain…?” “I’m not sure” “…’really not sure’ or ‘sort of not sure’…?” “I don’t know, really” “…’don’t know’ in … Read more