Kids own too many gadgets

I’ve been resisting writing this, as I know it’ll get up some people’s noses. I know there’s a danger I’ll come across as fairly sanctimonious – and definitely an Old Victorian Arse. But you know, along with getting a bit older is a certain dontgiveashitness, so here goes. My contention is this: things have gone badly … Read more

The life project

My good friend @bealers just posted “Make life a side project” and it got me thinking. My first reaction was something along the lines of shutup-you-crazy-person but now I’m veering slightly more to ah-i-think-i-kinda-see-what-you-mean. But not much. The main thing that I reacted to was this notion of “sideness”. Putting life (yeah, we need to talk about what … Read more

Instant is not now

So it’s that time of year again – December crawls to a close and a new year looms just beyond an enormous mound of mince pies, bad tv and terminal flatulence. There’s something strange about the arrival of a “new year” – after all, it’s just another day but one with a randomly assigned new … Read more

is late

What if the hype is actually all hype? What if someone in the press misheard an Apple employee talking, and did that – pretty normal – press thing of inflating it beyond all proportion? What if it became a pretty standard Silicon Valley / noomeedya / excited geek Chinese whispers kind of thing, no basis … Read more

Simple ideas, well executed

Today, following a tweet and a link to this blog post, I went out on a post-Christmas, “balls to it” kind of whim (the kind your bank manager and wife hate) and bought myself a GPS travel tracker. This is a small  (matchbox-sized) unit with a single button on it (on/off), and it basically does … Read more

We need a new verb

Here’s one thing that we use daily that we’ve never had to use in previous generations: passwords. With passwords comes that moment – you know the one – when you’re at someone’s computer and they need to login to something. You make a big show of LOOKING IN THE OTHER DIRECTION, either by wandering away … Read more